A Trial (adventurer style!)

24th Jan 2010

The mayor is a member of a secret cult in the village of ShadowShield. We discovered this after Taelden used her Read Object ritual to witness him murdering the village priest. We later found that he had stolen Lord Damons mysterious book – the critical bit of evidence showing Lord Damon had secret plans – and burnt it.

We had captured the mayor (also the village baker) and intended to hold him for a trial, as the villagers expected. Aurin suggested a cunning plan to perhaps learn more about the secret cult. If they were so interested in covering up their activities, perhaps they could be baited.

Not appreciating the genius plan Aurin had concocted, Argh decided to go beat up the butcher that had been giving us so much hassle.

We held the mayor prisoner in a public stock outside the Inn. We spread the rumor that the mayor was about to tell us everything about the secret cult, and posted an inattentive “guard” to keep people from talking to him. The plan was to hide nearby, and wait for other members of the cult came to murder or rescue him.

After dark, two persons unknown were detected climbing onto the roof of the inn. Our concern was that they would kill the mayor and then flee. We moved to intercept them, but they ran as soon as they saw Taelden (who wouldn’t) and we were unable to catch them. Taelden cast an explosive spell which should have hit them both as they fled, but we couldn’t find them at all. (We should have looked for bodies in the area, damn!). A house was damaged, but Aurin offered the affected family lodgings in the Manor.

Left unguarded for only a few moments, the mayor was now gone. Yet another person may have helped him escape. We followed the trail they left behind, but eventually lost it, after the escapee used a river to hide the tracks.

Without any way of pursuing the cult, we focused on recruiting and training a militia for the village. After seeking out likely candidates, recommended by Abram, a meeting was held at the Inn and Aurin delivered a speech to convince as many to join as possible.

The following villagers turned up for training the following day:
  • Abram Stevens – brash youngster
  • Brilla Brown – matronly giant woman – officer material
  • Ercas Omberton
  • Milo – halfling egomaniac, dedicated to being the best
  • Hilda – redhead, leatherworker, fallen for Aurin
  • Kier – big and brutish, gentle giant, wanted a uniform
  • Garl Leaferson – mustached
  • Mirrameek Bard – pipe smoking with acne scars
  • Hending Burrows
  • Stanton Goodman

Having fulfilled our karmic debt to train a substitute for lord Damons guards to protect the village, we were free to leave on the sixth day. We had promised to kill the spiders, so we went looking for them. During the battle, Scales and Graimwum rejoined us!

Party awarded 500xp: Either Scales or Aurin has reached level 7, so we are now all level 7. Argh Blargh had one token, for 100xp.

Party gold at end of session: 636g Gold added since looting the dragons lair: 200g each

This does not count the money spent at the Inn in ShadowShield, militia pay, or “open bar” nights.


Previous session we found the following loot, and distributed as follows:

Argh-Blargh: Diamond Scinture Sash (spend a healing surge at will, 1/day) Taelden: Mask of Slithering (daily interrupt, +2 to AC and reflex, redirect attack to adj. enemy) Unclaimed: Blood-drinker +2 bastard sword



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