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Rummaging in the dragon's lair. 6th Dec 2009

6th December 2009

We got back into the castle and wiped out metal portcullis with acid and tackled the ballistas by making them shoot each other. Following the visions obtained by Taelden scrying the dragon, we followed the corridors and found a bunch of statues that turned out to be constructs triggered by pressure sensitive plates. Also, there was another room where we had to dangle each other mission impossible style to wipe out more constructs and stuff, which totally worked. We found the dragon’s lair which had a ton of loot and mannequins and stuff, which is detailed below:

Player Items

  • Swiftpad Boots – Arghblargh
  • Cape of the Monteback – Bree
  • Gorilla Gloves – Scales
  • Bracers of Archery – Bree
  • Boots of Equilibrium -Shalenior
  • Skull Bracers – Arghblargh
  • Irrefutable Cloak +2 – Aurin
  • Hunter’s Headband – Bree
  • Mindiron Bracers – Scales
  • Resplendent Cloak – Taelden
  • Cloak of the Lion’s Mane – Arghblargh
  • Gauntlets of Arcane Might – Aurin (saving for later)

Plot items

  • Lots of nice clothes! (fine clothing free for all)
  • Small leather bound book – 3 maps sewn in. Cryptic, common language, but coded.
  • Promissory note for 1500 gold pieces – Erinor Vance
  • Property deed – E. Vance

Other items found: (Note: 1 barrel = 12 gallons)

  • Gauntlets of Arcane Might – (to be vendored)
  • 50 pounds of exotic furs = 800 gp total (50 lbs)
  • 100 pounds (1 crate) of uncommon furs = 160 gp total (100 lbs)
  • 3 bolts of cotton in good condition = 240 gp total (25 lbs each, 75 lbs total)
  • 1.5 bolts of velvet = 315 gp total (35 lbs each, 52.5 lbs total)
  • 5 barrels of flour = 20 gp per barrel, 100 gp total
  • 8 barrels of nuts = 100 gp per barrel, 800 gp total
  • 9 barrels of dye = 4 gp per barrel
  • 6 barrels of dried meat = 30 gp per gallon
  • 6 gallons(1 small barrel) of deep purple dye = 800 gp per gallon, 4800 gp total
  • 10 barrels of wheat flour = 2 gp per barrel, 20 gp total
  • 12 barrels of wheat grain = 1 gp per barrel, 12 gp total

What we actually took with us (encumberance limitations)

Item Qty Units Weight total (lbs) Value total (gp) Value per lb Amount Taken (lbs) Value of units being taken
Deep Purple Dye0.5Barrels50480096.0050.004800.00
Exotic furs0.5Crates5080016.0050.00800.00
Uncommon furs1Crates1001601.60160.00256.00
Wheat flour10Barrels532200.040.000.00
Wheat Grain12Barrels700120.020.000.00

Distributed on four horses and the players, assuming capacity of 50(lbs) per person, 100 per horse

Gold and money found:
  • 2000 gp
  • 3000 sp
  • 150 gp worth of copper

XP awarded: 690 xp each

By the end of this session, Taelden had 7515 XP. Under new rules, all players now have 7500 XP and are now level 6. Reward for being first to level 6: Recieved the boon “Ioun’s Revelation” for the duration of level.

New party gold system – all gold earned together goes into party fund. The party fund is used to pay for potions and group expenses. From now on, players will be tracking their own gold.


The table is totally Mitch’s fault!

Blah Blah LEWTS!

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