Captured yet again

Grisetta and her band of thugs have us outmatched, and we decide to flee in CHAOS. We start a panic and try to leave on our horses – we are already mounted and they are not, we see. She is after the bounty on Aurins head.

Our horses panic, we are split up, and utterly defeated. Aurin escapes to a temple which will offer some protection while he heals, but he does not know what has become of his side-kicks, until Grisetta shows up to ask him to surrender. On certain terms, with a promise that Aurins parents will pay her more than the bounty, an agreement is struck and Aurin leaves the temple (leaving a massive tip) and joins the camp of thugs where everyone is tied up.

The camp is well concealed (by some sort of magical effect) and the party is guarded overnight. Aurin sleeps in Grisetta tent, but it was unwise to do so. A small army of dwarves attacks and captures the camp, and Aurin is a whisker from death, yet again. Bree tries to save the day with her innate understandings of other short peoples. The dwarves are angry at our incompetent handling of the task we were given. Bree reminds them that the gods set us this task, for reasons unknown – but they are not impressed when she fumbles the task. Shally attempts to convince them and SPEAKS WITH THE VOICE OF AVANDRA. We are sent back on our journey.



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