After camping and resting with the travelling merchant and his daughter, Shally is given a doll as a gift, which she promises to keep with her always. The doll creeps her out, and seems to be watching people.

The party sets off for four uneventful days, before coming upon an abandoned village. The tracks around the village lead us through a marsh to a pass in some mountainous terrain. We travel through the pass, leaving some angry dwarves behind. The pass leads us to a valley which is in the grip of what seems like a very cold and snowy winter. The cause is probably wild dark magic. There is no cloud cover to explain the snow.

We keep following tracks left by the villagers and what we assume are their captors. We see snow drifts of up to 10 ft high. Piles of armour and bones of dead warriors reveal the site of an ancient battle between large groups. We find a frozen corpse near an unfinished protection spell drawn on the ground. Apparently the spell did not protect him from whatever was happening. The man appears to have been around 50 years old, and a parchment with instructions on how to stop a body from coming back to the dead is found nearby.

We travel onward and eventually lose the tracks, but find a large crater in the ground ahead. It is occupied by undead creatures – presumably we had found the villagers. A short battle sees us on our way back to the village – there is nothing we can do here. We find a journal from someone called “Turion”. Turion was researching some kind of large scale necrotic weapon.

When we make camp at the village, we are confronted by four furious dwarves. They are strongly opposed to the very slow and distracted pace we set towards what is a very distant place only heard of in rumours. The halfling appeals to their sense of responsibility and bravery to see that we cannot simply turn aside from the troubles of the people. The party agrees, however, that we need to make faster progress, and considers extending our travelling hours each day.

We make camp for the night and while on watch, Taelden sees the doll that was given to Shally sitting up opposite her, watching. By morning it is back with the paladin. Creepy.

We set off on the road to Tosca, still planning to circle around it to the North. It is decided that we should send Taelden to attend to some business in Tosca, while Aurin will travel around it. A list of items to attend to:

  • Magic items for purchasing: (dagger for Aurin?)
  • Send a letter from Aurin to his parents.
  • Sell remaining trade goods acquired during travels.
  • Get “Sending Stone” set in a necklace by a jeweller.
  • Meet the blacksmith recomended by Varla Vance.
  • Discover the status of the warrant for Aurin’s arrest.
  • Any more recent news?
  • Any useful trade items/goods?
  • Information on the location of Blue Nail Falls.

Our party travels for two weeks uneventfully, before coming upon a ‘satelite’ town, close to Tosca. We choose to ride through the town without stopping, noticing “Wanted” posters with a likeness of Aurin on them. A substantial reward is being offered. Aurin now has a beard, but remains cloaked and hooded while riding through the town. That answers the question about the warrant for arrest!

A street urchin almost steals the halflings purse, but is handily rebuffed by her perception. Later, the party sees the urchin getting the attention of a memorable Teifling and pointing our way. The party decides to flee the town immediately. Grisetta sees us, as we gallop the horses to leave the town.

The party finds: 13 silver 21 copper Barrel of dried apples Barrel of dried peaches!



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