Long time no artifact...

The party continued travelling, and Scales rejoined the group at some point. We next encountered a strange bunch of people speaking a strange language. They lived in some broken down tower, and we were invited in. Too late, we discovered a half hidden corpse, presumably the previous caretaker of the building.

The demonic-speaking things took something we needed and then fled through a portal to who-knows-where. Naturally we all piled in after them. Where we were promptly met by a significant armed force, led by a scaled creature, who revealed him/herself to be a shape changer. A provider of mercenary services who, judging by the reaction to our bribes, was being paid a princely sum for loyalty to his master, our nemesis, Barthas!

We were captured and taken to very secure prison cells, which prevented all magic use – except for Aurins tongue, that is! It also allowed Bree to remove and “conceal” her brooch, which Barthas had been seeking since we left Aelford, halfway across another world. Barthas revealed more of his unwavering commitment to Erathis over those days, but eventually triumphed when Bree could hide the brooch no longer…

With no interest in us Barthas left us to the mercy of the mercenary group who captured us. We were sold to a group of slavers, and split by gender into pens, with our possessions removed.

The females conjured a plan to incite a slave riot, and eventually cajoled them into sacrificing themselves on the whips and crossbow bolts of the slavers.

Scales and Aurin immediately set to escaping via deception. With ArghBlargh providing a formidable distraction, Scales and Aurin lured a slaver guard into a concealed area. Scales promptly summoned his long lost sword to his hand, impaling the guard. Stealing a uniform, we tricked the guards into letting us out, and promptly began a slaughter.

After freeing the female group from their blood soaked pen, we ransacked the slavers admin building, finding belongings, gold, gems, and a promissory note for 10,000 gold, should a certain person take it to a certain place.



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