Our group now had two goals: Recovering our possessions, including the artifact we were tasked to take to Blue Nell falls, and return to our world via another portal.

Using the funds we had recovered, we re-equipped our party. Scales sold the promissory note to the shapeshifter mercenary, who would have no trouble collecting the prize. The shapeshifter claimed that he had already sold our worthless junk, including the “sentimental” object we were inquiring after. Scales sensed a lie in this, and left. We would return once we had a safe way out of Sigil.

To leave via portal, the group must obtain a magical key, and leave via the correct portal. We had a problem in that we didn’t even know the land and layout of the area of the world we sought.

The most charismatic of the party visited merchant after merchant, store after store searching for maps or information. We found a map maker with what we wanted – a map showing the location of Blue Nell falls (or where it used to be…) and we offered our mapping services in exchange for it. We had to prove our mapping skills first, our ability to notice and record the important things.

We did this as we searched for portal keys and information, through the merchant streets with a guide. Eventually we achieved our goals, after encounters with some strange wizards. In once such encounter, we fell into a trap and almost perished in a fire, being attacked by mundane objects.

We are now planning an assault on the mercenary compound where our belongings are. We have restocked on supplies and have scouted (sort of…) the surrounds, observed the patterns of the guards patrols.



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