Teenage Dragon Autopsy

After letting Barthus slip through their fingers again a frustrated Alliance of Aelford head back to Shadowshield in a bid to earn some coin. 22/11/09

Totals at end of this session:


30g=found by scales
+ Small leather book containing: archeological Maps, letters, tallies

25g=found on dead mercanaries along with:
1x chainmail
2x leather armour
2x great axes
1x longsword
3x crossbows

Dragon Bits:
2x eyes: condition=good
1x brain: condition=good
1x Keg of Dragon blood (Arg Blarg makes sure to drink the rest of the ale before using the keg as a vessel)
1x Heart: condition=ok – 1 slash in it.

Upon arriving back in Shadowshield, the party checks in with Lord Damon, who chastises them for their lack of haste in carring out his task. Meanwhile, the Dwarves of the party, recently re-united with their sacred artifact, refuse to follow the rest of the Alliance to the north of Shadowsheild – the scene of an archaelogical dig – and the source of Lord Damon’s troubles. The rather worse-for-wear halfling decides to stay with the disgruntled dwarves(are there any other kind?), and after a night of drowning their sorrows in the bar, the rest of the party set out on horseback.

The trail ahead proves treacherous, as the party loses 2 horses to a giant spider attack. RIP seabiscuit. The group battles onward to the site, taking note of the Huge Stone Ogre that points Northward, eventually coming across a group of Lord Damon’s mercenaries supervising the dig. A Dragonborn of note stands out amoungst the group of enslaved workers, his scales a shade of pespi-blue!

Arg Blag barges on through, causing a ruckus that ends with 6 dead mercenaries and a whole bunch of freed prisoners of questionable character. The Dragonborn prisoner who lead the escape introduces himself as Scales, a Bard. The Alliance decide they could do with some help and quiz him about any useful information he found in the guard house. Aparently an unknown informat was providing information to the mercanaries as to where to dig. Scales can read the writing on some sections of the ruin, which tell tales of battle, but the language is still unknown to him. There is also the matter of a Green Dragon which has been terrifying the villagers of Shadowsheild, and has been spotted by the group. Shalenior, Scales and Aurin decide to investigate a castle on the map that may house said Dragon. Aurin hanges back as Shalenior and Scales manage to defeat some Horrible Hunting Hounds, some Stone Humaniods and escape with their lives. The keep appeared to be well protected by portcullises however, and empty.

Dragon on Dragon Action
Returning to camp, the party slumbers temporarily, and is rudely awakened by the sight of a Green Dragon circling above them! Aurin tempts the young dragon to land and attempts to negotiate a deal that involves the demise of Lord Damon. The dragon remains unmoved. Scales is meanwhile trying to subtley manovure behind the dragon and lasso it. When the dragon catch wind of this treachery, he is enraged and sets about destroying the party. The party misses the halfling’s ranged attacks, as Shalenior clumisly handles a crossbow for the first time, trying to track the dragon circling above their heads. Eventually the newest party member lassos the dragon and rides it like a mechanical bull, stabbing it in it’s head!

And what better way to celebrate than by carving up your enemy! The party test their dragon anatomy knowledge and procure the folowing valuable dragon parts:
2x eyes: condition=good
1x brain: condition=good
1x Keg of Dragon blood (Arg Blarg makes sure to drink the rest of the ale before using the keg as a vessel)
1x Heart: condition=ok – 1 slash in it.



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