The trouble with scaly things...

On the road again, with or without Scales... and Rumble in the River! 7th Feb 2010

After their joyous reunion with Scales and Graimwum, the party heads back to town to pick up the halfling and those pesky dwarves.

Aurin and Scales go on a tour of duty to sort out some town admin issues; they visit Brilla, then Stanton Goodman, and then some other people of import. Scales arranges to send word to Aelford and other places in an effort to recruit a new baker and priest from outside, and provide trading opportunities for the town. Scales pays runner 10g for tools plus 20g for future baker’s wages, and extra for transport costs of priest.

Satisfied that the town will be glad to see the back of us, we hit the road again… heading towards Tosca but planning to divert around it. On our first night of camping, Bree witnesses a very large dragon fly overhead, heading in the direction of Bluenail Falls. Damn dragons.

The next day, we come across a battle taking place between some humanoids (including a tough looking leader in shiny armor, and a mage of some sort), and some scaly dudes Taelden eventually successfully identifies as lizardfolk, but not before Scales mistakenly assumes they must be his own kin and charges into the fray in spite of Taelden’s heavy-handed (haha, Bigby’s Grasp, gettit?) attempts to restrain him. The lizardfolk had a bunch of eggs and littl’uns a little way away, and the humanoids looked like they came specifically looking for a fight, so we take the side of the lizardfolk and start caning the humans. While most of us were taking on the guys at the front lines, Scales was taking on the mage at the back, which sees him turned into a squirrel, burrowing into the dude’s pants and biting him, and then suddenly resuming his proper form and knocking out the mage in the process. Quite a spectacle. When it’s all over, Scales tries to make himself Lord of the lizardfolk, ripping out the mage’s throat and all that, but they prefer to choose their own leaders. So of course Scales challenges the most dominant of them to naked fisticuffs (or vice versa… doesn’t really matter!), wins, and gets his Lordship. (Tally of things Scales is Lord of = 3)

Scales takes his new lizardfolk peons and leads them off to his new kobold settlement, with the intention that they will be good protectors of his smaller scaly mates. Also he takes a bunch of leather armour with him.

The rest of the party find some neato Barkskin armour for Arghblargh, and then they set off up the road again.

After some time, the party approaches crossroads where a pile of people covered with white glueye stuff and pepper with arrows are lying piled up. One dude on top appears to be still alive but seriously injured. A rank of kobolds are unsuccessfully hiding along the road, so Taelden sends them a critically horrifying column of fire and a volley of tough talk, which succeeds in sending then pissbolting away. Aurin and Bertil give chase, Taelden and Bree show off their ranged expertise and then hang back to help Shalenior save the injured dude with splooge on his face and an arrow through his neck. With their combined knowledge And some advice from the ranger (who has much experience with arrows), they save the man (Cameron) and then head off to find his daughter Grace.

We follow the tracks of the cart that grace was reportedly hiding in, and eventually find it abandoned in the middle of the road… nearby the sound of squabbling alerts us to the location of the kolbold attackers, and we all ride off at a fast pace to bring them to justice.

Aurin gets clothes-lined by tree branches twice, before deciding to walk Palimo the rest of the way.

However, the rest of us come across a group of 25 kobolds closely gathered around a large pile of loot. Taelden, always taking initiative, draws on the special power contained within her new staff and launches a massive fireburst… 24 out of 25 kobolds (and a record 576 total damage) agreed that it was a blast, alright! Some of the surviving singed kobolds ran like the clappers, and the rest got finished off by those other party members Taelden brought along to carry stuff.

Amazingly, (by the grace of the gods) we found the little girl Grace alive under a couple of other barrels, shielded from the magical firey doom. Also we find a magical chest with a biometric locking system well ahead of its time. We return Grace and the magic chest to Cameron, who generously rewards us with a valuable pair of green sending stones. We then set to the task of rebuilding a desecrated shrine to Avandra on the side of the road.

Meanwhile – when Scales makes it back to his new-found community he figures its time to start getting some rules down on how shit is to be done in his absence. So he gets the Kobolds to whip up 2 big stones with a flat side and using the good old acid etching skills writes some stuff down.

A short summary of the contents of the stones: Lord Scales is the one true Protector of the Draconic races Lord Scales is the one true voice for the future and eventual ascension of The Draconic races The Draconic are to assist each other in all things The Draconic are to avoid humans Scallium is the holy beginning of the Draconic Rennaissance

Everyone gets 1100 XP (except Arghblargh and Aurin who got a 100XP bonus) and 250g goes into party kitty.



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