Shadowshield and theft!
A sorcerer walks into a bar...
Totals at end of this session:

Lodging, drinks & tips:
Lost to theft: 700g


Varla Vance
After the party assisted Varla she told us of the ruins that she and her husband discovered. Perhaps tiring of endless travel, we decided to head east toward the next town, and then explore the ruins.

Varla gave Aurin a platinum peice, and wished us well on our journey to Blue Nail Falls (via Tosca, we said). She recomended a blacksmith named Charles, in the southern quarter of Tosca, who might give us a nights lodging if we needed it.

Shortly after we set off, a few party members see Varla’s cottage walking through the trees. She was far more than she seemed!

Shadowshield village
Taelden reported that she thought we were being followed, but we arrive at our destination without any trouble. We are now a days travel from where the cottage used to be. Shadowshield seems unremarkable. We are met by guards at the bridge, who appear to be seasoned fighting men, mercenaries under someone named Lord Damen. We later find that these men are resented and feared by many of the villagers here.

We choose to stay in lodgings, the single tavern in this village. We tipped the owner well – we are strangers here and wanted no trouble!

Taelden stayed cloaked and tried to remain unnoticed – this village is hostile to magic, and wouldn’t approve of her kind!

The Halfling spoke to villagers about common things, and found out some more about this town. There have been people going missing, and she hears stories of werewolves, hauntings and a Dragon! The people don’t like the militia here at all.

Shally recited the tale of our grand adventures in Aelford, with some success (and a lot of ale). The punchline was lackluster, however, so she got some pointers from the locals on how to spin a tale.

Aurin targeted a ‘person of interest’ for ‘interrogation’. She happened to be a extrmely attractive Teifling. Aurin learned her name was Grisetta, and her dagger with worn leather sheath and armour spoke of her life. She spoke of her difficulties being a Teifling, but Aurin may not have been listening at this point. Aurin continued to ‘interrogate’ the Teifling, until they retired to the hayloft in the stables. No more shall be said, but there was a great deal of speculation among the remaining party members, especially conjecture related to the Teifling horns.

Night passes – eventfully
When we woke up we found our bag of holding was missing, along with everything Aurin had with him. Grisetta was gone, and the party immediate sets about finding her. Aurin gallops to the guards on duty at the villiage entrances, and learns that the Teifling indeed left the village over an hour ago, with our belongings!

Shally has received and invitation from Lord Damen, which she decides to accept, accompanied by Taelden. We decide to split up, with Bree and Aurin chasing after Grisetta immediately, on the road to Tosca.

Lord Damen

The chase!
Shally and Taelden eventually join pursuit of the thief, hoping to catch up.

Bree tracks the path of the thief, to make sure she did not cover her trail or go off-road. An experienced rider, Aurin decides to ride with all speed to attempt to catch up with the thief as soon as possible, assuming she is likely still on the road.

Riding blindly, Aurin encounters Grisetta arguing with Barthas around a turn of the road. Unfortunately there was no hiding from them, and Aurin is quickly over-powered, falling to the ground with a crossbow bolt jutting from his back. Palimo is left to wander off, clearly spooked and slightly injured!

Bree arrives on the scene with far more caution. Forewarned by arguing voices, and the sounds of Grisetta leaving, she is able to observe the situation. It appears that Grisetta was paid by Barthas to steal from us, but all Barthas is interested in is the halflings brooch, which he does not have. Bree engages the mage in combat. Barthas holds a dagger to Aurins throat and demands the brooch Bree carries, in exchange for Aurins life. Bree continues to shoot arrows at him. Shortly after, Taelden arrives and joins the fight.

Aurin awakens in horror for the second time that day, and only barely manages to escape the grip of the mage through the use of his Robe of Contingency, which was discarded on the ground nearby. He is again quickly overcome by the attack of the mage on the party, and falls to the ground again, but this time out of immediate danger.

Shally brings Re-enforcements!
Bree and Taelden continue the battle alone, until Barthas effortlessly traverses an untraversable hill and observes the rest of our party coming to aid us. He transforms to a cloud of mist, and begins to flee at a high speed.

We do not give up the chase! Our mounted party members continue the pursuit and Bree is able to continue to fire at him (an incredible archer!) until at long last and certainly near death he escapes over a fast flowing river.

We return to the road to assemble our belongings and care for the exhausted horses. Seven hundred gold is missing, but the rest is there. In the future we will keep a closer eye on both the bag of holding and the halfling.

Barthas will not escape us again.

Shally and her Superfriends
Our mighty adventurers set out on their epic journey to the Blue Nail Falls. But first they go shopping! 25/10/09

From Enemies: 40 x Owlbear Claws
Found: Cloaks for the entire party, 50ft Silk Rope, Rusty climbling kits, Waterskins
Purchased: 5 x pack horses (75g each) , 1 pony (for the Halfling) 2x Tents (Weight: 10 lbs each). Trail Rations (1 1b per day, = 120each)
Arg-Barg purchsed some scale armor. And 20 pitchers of ale.

Unfinished business in The Grove
Still coming to their senses after helping to open the portal to the feywild, Taelden and Aurin bear witness to an altercation between Lilalhalt and Abunnair. Lilalhalt is extremely hostile toward the tripped-out Eladrin, and unleashes all hell unto him. Aurin hides behind a tree and witnesses fey-creatures escaping from the portal into Aelford, including a Satyr. Lilalhalt and Abunnair have at it, and the clearing becomes a fury of fire and magic. Aurin hastily retreats with his catch-cry ”...To the citadel!”, whilst Taelden comes to her senses long enough to grab the rituals; “Book of Traveller’s Feast”, “Create Campsite”, “Cure Diseases” and “Magic Circle” in her retreat.

Shally and h The Alliance of Aelford!
When the party eventually reunites in the town of Aelford, Aurin is served with an arrest warrant for a triple homicide. On the plus side, he received a nice cash payment of $300 from his folks. Adorned with their supplies and fashionable winter cloaks, Bree invites the party to a…well…party!
Merry-making ensues, and everyone gets suitably drunk. Arg-barg was last seen using half-lings as free-weights.
Sent off as “The Alliance of Aelford (AA)” by the Halflings of Rattlebrook, AA head North into greater Aelford, with some party members more adept at horse-riding than others. O how the sun glistens off Dwarven Beards!

Days pass…

Aurin burns an old lady
After Arg-Barg uses himself as bait in an effort to catch dinner the previous night (OwlBear – a delicacy), the party sighs in relief at the sight of a homely cottage and the promise of a home cooked meal. AA discover a nice old lady owns the cottage and they suddenly feel compelled to help out around the house. Aurin and Iada Badcutter the Dwarf are resistant. Aurin is suspicious. And foolhardy. And homicidal. He Acid Splashes her arm, and she cowers in terror.
Trying a different tack, Aurin agrees that AA should stay and help the old lady, who we discover is Mrs. Varla Vance, a widow who’s dead sons left her Song Birds to encourage travellers to help her. She invites them in for tea, recounting tales to the weary party members. She shares a rather interesting anecdote of an ancient ruin she and her husband found when they were young. The ruin was near ShadowShield – a day’s travel to the east.

Pondering Varla’s tale, the party rests for the night, considering their next move…

The Fellowship of the Halfling
Encumbered with the 1st piece of the Ancient artifact, the Halfling leads the party back to Aelford. Meanwhile, Lady Cailin wakes from her slumber, and is clearly pissed. 12/10/09

Items/Loot: Nil

From the diary of Aurin Aurellius

The surface, escape!
We finally made it to the surface. I suppose we had some help, from the mysterious stranger we encountered in the underground city. He gave us an artifact of some sort – (rubbish if you ask me – it’s not even a whole weapon!) and practically commanded us to carry it to some place even I haven’t heard of before. I don’t trust him.

We encountered our captor on the way out, but I will not scribe our… arrangement, to paper.

Battle, and victory!
I record this now as the others recover from battle. The city is practically within our sights, and we are set upon by the prisoners that were held in the castle cells! We killed the large one, but the caster escaped us in a grey mist. They wanted the artifact – it must be important. We continue on now with an escort from the city.

Arrival in Aelford
We finally arrived in Aelford, and recieved a ‘warm’ welcome from Lady Cailin. She has a temper, thankfully directed at Shalenior. We gave her the information we had, and a meeting has been called for noon tomorrow. We can rest, heal, and prepare.

We went to the temple for healing potions and the interfering priests couldn’t help themselves! They had mystical advice – gibberish – for us. Still, they have been right before – perhaps I will heed this advice… for now.

We sought out the dragonkin trader Lisjsks, who would be most interested in our discovery. We were right – he could barely conceal his need to claim this ancient city and its secrets. I managed to ‘encourage’ him to join us in council. Once in council, he will be putty in my hands! I think I might be able to use this to my advantage!

A strange thing… Arg-Barg came back from the tavern, he seemed sad and even sober – if barely. Odd.

A new day, and the Council
Success! At the council we discussed many things, but I have nothing to fear from the brain any longer! I convinced the council that the ancient city must remain sealed, and none should enter. In exchange for providing the resources for clearing out the dangerous inhabitants, the dragonkin shall be granted access to the ancient city, to do as they wish! Forewarned of the danger, they will destroy the brain!

The mundane matters of the sickness, the seige and our dissappearance afterwards – I relayed truthfully. Things did not proceed as I expected, however.

The dwarves were poleaxed when we showed them what we returned with. We told them everything we knew of it, and this so-called quest to unite the three parts of this warhammer.

We must leave immediately – it is decided. We planned our journey to Bluenell falls and provisioned for our party plus three dwarven companions. I have convinced the fellowship to avoid populated areas. That should keep us away from Tosca.

The Portal of Pernicious Peril!!
Those damned Eladrin, and that fool Abunnair! As if we needed anything else to do, the elves are opening the portal. Apparently they have it all figured out, and Taelden will be part of it. They don’t care about Aelford or humans, just their precious portal. I’ll bring some militia with me to watch… and wait for anything I don’t like. I admit this magic sounds intriguing, even if it is elvish magic.


Taelden and Aurin assisted with the opening of the portal, which was successful. Taelden comes out nearly senseless, and Aurin witnesses some sort of sacrifice taking place, performed by Abunnair himself! The militia are barely concious, but word is sent to the city for assistance.

It appears the sacrifices were crucial to opening the portal, and Abunnair was heard muttering about raising them later. Could it be that they were willing victims? Is this some sort of necromancy?

Underground City 2
The party explores the Underground City, while Bree and Aurin make unbreakable contracts with shady characters. 13/09/2009

Healer’s Brooch +1 – Shalenior
2 Tiefling Tablets (One with a gold edging)
13 gold coins
6 silver
Part of a Warhammer (Quest Item)

Fully rested after slaying the giant zombie, the party once again stumbles their way through the depths of the underground city, seeking out the evil brain in the ancient colosseum. Unfortunately, Arg-barg stubs his toe on the crumbling stairs, and a drop of his blood is enough to awaken a Blood Elemental. The Blood Elemental split in two when bloodied, which was a neat trick. Alas, when felled, the enemy bore no loot! After discovering nothing more than giant empty rooms and a few organic mushroom farms, the party comes across a shady character in the disguised as a human.

In exchange for a map of the underground city, “Shady Guy” wants us to be his errand boy. He explains that he has been watching Bree for a while and gives her part of a warhammer and explains that we must travel to Kaldash, and convince some Dwarves to give us the 3rd piece of the weapon. This must be done within 3 months. Shady Guy also tells us not to kill the brain on the way out, as he is ”...The only decent conversation I get down here.”

Thinking we are are leaving with only one unbreakable contract for our troubles, a second encounter with the telepathic brain traps Aurin in a promise to return…or else.

It is also discovered that the Paladin cannot swim very well.

The party finally breathe fresh air, and procure the help of some dwarves to hide their exit. Taelden sends an owl toward the shining lights of Aelford, letting the townsfolk know of our fates, and warning them not to go near the old brewery!

Underground City: Escape from the Brain
The party escapes the brain and kills a giant zombie. Twice.
Attack of the Telepathic brain
Whilst trying to uncover the secrets of Aelford's haunted brewery, and the fate of it's current Brewmaster, the party digs a little too deep and is captured by a telepathic "Brain in a jar"
The Siege of Aelford
Our intrepid adventurers hold off and defeat an army of warmongering Goblins and Hobgoblins, saving the town of Aelford in the process.

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