Shally and her Superfriends

Our mighty adventurers set out on their epic journey to the Blue Nail Falls. But first they go shopping! 25/10/09


From Enemies: 40 x Owlbear Claws
Found: Cloaks for the entire party, 50ft Silk Rope, Rusty climbling kits, Waterskins
Purchased: 5 x pack horses (75g each) , 1 pony (for the Halfling) 2x Tents (Weight: 10 lbs each). Trail Rations (1 1b per day, = 120each)
Arg-Barg purchsed some scale armor. And 20 pitchers of ale.

Unfinished business in The Grove
Still coming to their senses after helping to open the portal to the feywild, Taelden and Aurin bear witness to an altercation between Lilalhalt and Abunnair. Lilalhalt is extremely hostile toward the tripped-out Eladrin, and unleashes all hell unto him. Aurin hides behind a tree and witnesses fey-creatures escaping from the portal into Aelford, including a Satyr. Lilalhalt and Abunnair have at it, and the clearing becomes a fury of fire and magic. Aurin hastily retreats with his catch-cry ”...To the citadel!”, whilst Taelden comes to her senses long enough to grab the rituals; “Book of Traveller’s Feast”, “Create Campsite”, “Cure Diseases” and “Magic Circle” in her retreat.

Shally and h The Alliance of Aelford!
When the party eventually reunites in the town of Aelford, Aurin is served with an arrest warrant for a triple homicide. On the plus side, he received a nice cash payment of $300 from his folks. Adorned with their supplies and fashionable winter cloaks, Bree invites the party to a…well…party!
Merry-making ensues, and everyone gets suitably drunk. Arg-barg was last seen using half-lings as free-weights.
Sent off as “The Alliance of Aelford (AA)” by the Halflings of Rattlebrook, AA head North into greater Aelford, with some party members more adept at horse-riding than others. O how the sun glistens off Dwarven Beards!

Days pass…

Aurin burns an old lady
After Arg-Barg uses himself as bait in an effort to catch dinner the previous night (OwlBear – a delicacy), the party sighs in relief at the sight of a homely cottage and the promise of a home cooked meal. AA discover a nice old lady owns the cottage and they suddenly feel compelled to help out around the house. Aurin and Iada Badcutter the Dwarf are resistant. Aurin is suspicious. And foolhardy. And homicidal. He Acid Splashes her arm, and she cowers in terror.
Trying a different tack, Aurin agrees that AA should stay and help the old lady, who we discover is Mrs. Varla Vance, a widow who’s dead sons left her Song Birds to encourage travellers to help her. She invites them in for tea, recounting tales to the weary party members. She shares a rather interesting anecdote of an ancient ruin she and her husband found when they were young. The ruin was near ShadowShield – a day’s travel to the east.

Pondering Varla’s tale, the party rests for the night, considering their next move…



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