Lady Cailin de Mondalon

Ruler of Aelford; Mother of Shalenillor


Officially the sole ruler of Aelford and the surrounding territories, in practice she only first among equals, holding the tie-breaking vote on the seven-person town council, though she retains ultimate command of the militia and is sometimes called upon to dispense justice for serious crimes. In her late forties, she is seen as a just and fair ruler, and has only had one child, her daughter Shalenillor (AKA Shaladin the Paladin).

Recently, her health has taken a steep decline coinciding with the death of her beloved consort, Lord Adoven.

Lady Cailin now quietly mourns him from her deathbed, and is comforted with tales of her daughter’s valour and leadership.

Lady Cailin de Mondalon

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